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Publish your adverts on hundreds of digital screens.

Easy Digital Signage Advertising


Upload an advert with just a few clicks.


Target adverts by drawing on a map.


Adverts display almost instantly.


Enable and disable your advert later.


Adverts require no management.

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Upload your advert and get a confirmation email instantly. No passwords or complicated registration required.

Target Ads

Select where you want to show your ads directly on the map.

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Enable and disable your ad later using the link in your inbox.

Phone, tablet and desktop

One web page for all platforms

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Simple to use

Upload an image or video and click a link in your email to enable your advert.

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Maximizes advert impressions across hundreds of screens.


Targeted adverts only display in locations you specify.

High resolution images and videos supported.

Adverts can be disabled and updated later.


Simple to use web-based interface.


Anyone can start advertising with just a few clicks.

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